8base: The development accelerator

Last week I discovered a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform for building enterprise-level applications called 8base. I’m super-excited about 8base, not only because of its value proposition, but also because I think it has a very compelling business story (I’m a sucker for a great business story!). The big problem 8base solves is one that I’ve experienced personally.

The year was 2014. My partner and I had successfully raised a seed round of funding from an angel investor for our SaaS in the recruitment technology space. The product was complex on the backend with a dizzying logic scheme that required an intensive database program.

To build out the market-ready product, we hired a team of developers. We had a budget and timeline. Of course, both ballooned and most of our seed capital was burned up, so we had little remaining to fund ramp up and operations post-launch.

I believe that if we had known about and had access to a platform like 8base and decided to build our front-end on top of it, instead of building the whole app from scratch, we would have gotten to market months quicker with a lot more cash in the bank to fund our launch phase.

8base is a sophisticated, on-demand BaaS platform that scales with applications using serverless computing and a GraphQL engine. It’s a powerful time- and money-saving solution for developers. Plus, it’s very suitable for nontechnical company founders and executives who want to deploy enterprise-level apps without the high cost of building a custom backend from scratch.

Getting started with 8base is easy and their documentation and introductory tutorial will have you and your team up and running quickly. (Here’s the Quick Start guide.) The more I learn, the more excited I get about 8base and its potential for delivering robust applications in a low code environment.

Have you built and deployed a project with 8base? I’d like to see it! Please share your experience building on 8base and links to any projects in the comments.

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