Broadly, this blog will be about three fields that fascinate me. There are a lot of things I’m curious about, but philosophy and technology and programming are three areas that consistently pique my interest.

Time will tell if this blog gets a more narrow focus. I’m too excited by ideas and possibilities to get too specific this early on. I know that goes against some conventional wisdom about focus, but I rarely accept conventional wisdom.

That said, I feel comfortable naming these categories of content that will likely show up in future posts:

  1. The human mind, how we think and feel, and what drives us to do what we do
  2. Technologies for getting more mileage and better outcomes out of our minds
  3. Big issues affecting us today and in the future including artificial intelligence, globalization, digital connectedness, communications, and changes in our planetary environment
  4. Strategies and resources and systems for coping with the changes brought about by the consequences of the technology we create
  5. How entrepreneurs are driving change with their wills, companies, and innovations
  6. Things I’m learning about software and web development

And just for fun some content on these topics:

  • Cooking
  • Books I’m reading
  • People and resources I’m discovering and learning from
  • Ideas and systems for having a better life
  • Things that make me laugh
  • Stories from my life

I hope you enjoy the blog and get value from it. Contact me any time at dudleyadam@gmail.com.