Pull and push

On my open source project called OpenOKR, I’m collaborating with a fellow Flatiron grad, Marie. Together, Marie and I are learning how to use git and GitLab as a team to not screw things up for each other when we push new code or changes.

The basics of how we collaborate are as follows:

  1. On GitLab, I own the master branch
  2. The GitLab settings for the project are set such that I approve all merge requests
  3. Marie pulls down the master repository before checking out a new branch
  4. When she’s ready to push the code in her branch, she’ll first pull down the master to ensure her local repo is up to date with master
  5. Then she’ll push the new changes up to the master, which will create a merge request in GitLab that I can approve

This is the most basic collaboration process and we’re only two contributors. I assume things will get more interesting as more developers join the project. :-)

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